• $6.75

Tea-lights are now available to buy so you can sample scents or you can buy them just to have a nice ambiance!

Unscented- no scent added

Aromatherapy scents- Inhale Exhale (eucalyptus & peppermint) , Lemon Lavender, Black Amber & Lavender, Vanilla Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Renew (white sage & citrus)

Spring Scents- Fresh ( lemon mint leaf), Serene ( oatmeal, milk and honey), Renew ( white sage & citrus) 

Summer Scents- ( Blood Orange, Take Me Back (Pineapple, Mango) and Passion Fruit Guava 


Each pack of tea lights comes in a quantity of 6 

They will burn for approx 5 hours. Do not leave unattended or burning near a draft. Recommended to be burned on a tealights holder.