Crystal Add Ons

  • $4.50
Crystal Type
This option is available if you would like to add crystals to one of your candles. PLEASE add this option to the cart more than once if you want it in more than one candle. If you only choose this option once, that tells me you want it added to ONE candle. IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE OF WHAT CRYSTAL YOU WANT TO GO IN WHAT CANDLE PUT THAT IN THE NOTES OF YOUR ORDER, otherwise I will just pick for you. I do add mica/glitter to all candles with crystals added. This is for added shine and sparkle. The glitter is not mandatory. If you don’t want it added just include that in the notes as well. 
The crystals you will be able to choose from will be:
Clear Quartz- crown chakra, clearing the mind, manifesting, high vibrations and energized
Black Tourmaline Rods- grounding, blocks negative energy, cleanses and purifies
Rose Quartz- heart chakra, love, compassion
Amethyst- protection, purification, spirituality, intuition, natural stress reliever
Green Aventurine- heart chakra, healing, abundance, growth, luck
Rhodonite- Compassion, emotional balancer, clears emotional wounds, helps in cases of emotional destruction, encourages unselfish self love and forgiveness
Blue Quartz- enhances organizational abilities and self discipline, said to enhance the immune system, also a boost for creativity and expression.